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Penny & Giles fader upgrade for 02R

Penny & Giles fader upgrade for the 02R faders. The set includes 21 high-quality 100mm Penny & Gilles motorfaders (including 10mm knobs, silver). They are fastened together with a metal frame. The simple modification can be done by Audio-Service or we send you a detailed Modification-Manual.



This upgrade is ment for those who prefer light sliding faders to scratching ones.
Users who're working on the mixing desk for hours and hours every day appreciate a conductive plastic fader.
But with the spreading of the Yamaha 02R due to the brilliant performance by extremley low price especially
the professionals had to resign to the compromise of a carbon fader.

From those customers allways came inquires for a faderupgrade.
After a long time of searching and countless tests of differnt fadertypes and motordrives we've finally
succeeded in getting a special fader manufacterd by Penny & Giles.
We've tested this fader for a long time and now we can offer a custom modification of the 02R faders.

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Download (pdf-File)
(1) Modification Manual:
Penny & Giles Fader Upgrade for 02R
A manual with many pictures helping you, to do the modification on your own.



No accessories available.

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