Retail Price
EUR  511.00
DMX-R100 - AUX OUT 1-4 and STUDIO MONITOR in AES/EBU format

The backpanel will be equipped with a 25pin D-sub connector for the AUX-Send 1-4 and STUDIO MONITOR in AES/EBU format. The AUX-sends 1-4 and the STUDIO MONITOR outputs can be used both analogue and digital (up to 96kHz). The subcode-information for the sampling frequency (44.1, 48kHz) can be set by dipswitches.



If you have any questions about the right connector cable, don't hesitate to ask us.

!! If the DMX-R100 mixing console will be modified for the first time (for ex. DMXASIN, DMXIN, DMXAUX, DMXALTSP or DMXTALK), a extra charge of 120,00 EURO has to be paid once for a new backpanel. !!

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No accessories available.